I Know Dave Dusick

The story of the I Know Dave Dusick Foundation dates back a couple of years when an idea was started by Dave Dusick and a small group of Dave’s friends and has now grown into a legion of hundreds of amazing individuals that donate their time, money and energy to the IKDD cause.

The friendship and eventual motorsport partnership between Michael Palmer Racing and the Dave Dusick Foundation dates back to when Michael Palmer and Dave Dusick first met 13 years ago. The two met in 2000 at weekly media training sessions that were hosted by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the NAMARS racing sanctioning body. Michael was a student at IUPUI and Dave was currently working at the Speedway. During these weekly meetings, the two became friends, racing associates, and eventual roommates. The racing partnership started with a sponsorship effort for Dave’s new 600 c.c. Mini-Sprint racing endeavor with Michael purchasing some new safety equipment and other parts for the Dusick #51 racecar.

For the next 13 years, the two have remained dedicated friends, supporting one another as they both moved around the country following their own individual paths within motorsport and life in general. The partnership continues on, with Michael and Dave continuing to work together to benefit the Foundation.

“In my opinion Dave’s battles in life are truly inspirational and can be used to educate and inspire others on a day-to-day basis with whatever may come someone’s way,” states Michael Palmer. Diagnosed with a rare bone cancer as a child, Dave was never expected to reach adulthood. Thanks to Riley’s Children Hospital, Dave was given a new chance and life and dedicates his to giving back to the hospital that saved his life through the Dave Dusick Foundation.

“Dave is one of the most compassionate persons I know,” says Michael. “His charity is one of his greatest accomplishments. I am thrilled and excited to help Dave in his mission to raise money for Riley Hospital for Children through the IKDD Foundation and I hope our partnership can raise even more awareness and funds for this truly great effort.”

Born premature, Michael also suffered health issues early in life and understands the support needed to aid children and families going through similar circumstances.

As the only comprehensive children’s hospital in Indiana, Riley Hospital for Children has spent 85 years caring for Indiana’s children. Dave is just one of many who have passed through Riley with outstanding results. By sharing his story at www.IKNOWDAVEDUSICK.com, Dave hopes to raise awareness for this storied facility and for this very reason, the Dave Dusick Foundation currently donates all the proceeds from this project directly to the Riley Children’s Foundation.

“Healing comes in many forms. Whether it’s physically healing a child’s illness, guiding an emotionally broken family to hope, or providing children the strength to believe that no matter the hand they’ve been dealt, they are beautiful and strong. We understand that every family and every child who comes to Riley is looking for hope and healing.”

- Riley Hospital for Children

Mike, Dave and C360R Driver Ryan Eversley at Rolex 24.

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